Professional Photography

Robert Bellon

Cape Town, South Africa

Since the dawn of recorded time it was the Chinese philosopher Mozi who spoke about the Camera Obscura then in 1885 George Eastman called his first camera a Kodak – onto his Brownie – the world’s first mass market device. But it was Steve Sasson a Kodak engineer who was the pioneer of the world first digital camera in December 1975.

Sasson never realised that what he created was a digital revolution. Nowadays our current centuries popular mobile digital click box. No other device has captured the imagination of many millions. With a current flood of mobile phones.

Major cellular phones provide superb quality at the touch of a button. Sassons digital camera converts light into an electrical charge then recorded on a memory card. Nothing short of a modern miracle.

With social media now at the forefront of our centuries communication. It’s pictures that shift emotions either to topple governments or to buy stuff worth millions or just to say hi.

Images is human kind’s means of communication since the human being is a creature more of emotions and instincts than words. One can safely say the mystery and special chemistry of pictures is still there now recorded electronically.

Enjoy your photography. Make every picture your own personal masterpiece.

What others have to say

We have used the services of Robert Bellon for many years now and can honestly say that his service has been exemplary and only ever of the highest standard.

Pierrette Diedericks - Travel Specialist, Welcome Tourism Services
I have made use of the services offered by Robert Bellon for the past 4 years. Southern Sun Newlands is part of Tsogo Sun and our Marketing division is extremely particular on the quality and standard of our photography. At every interaction and there have been many ,Robert has delivered great quality work. I am proud to be associated with Robert and I have no hesitation in recommending the service he provides to anyone of my colleagues within and without the hospitality industry.

Sebastian Berinato currently General Manager at Asara Wine Estate and Hotel
I stumbled across Robert when participating in the Wool Ride as part of Wool Week at the V&A Waterfront. One of the organizers, Dalena was kind enough to email me a few of the pics and I was so blown away by how fresh and engaging his images were. I needed a shoot in a tight timeline and Robert was kind enough to assist and has come up with an amazing selection of images which we are going to be able to use as part of our image bank for Den Anker. I would recommend Robert for any interior, exterior or event shooting as I believe he has a versatile style of photography that works for a range of applications.

Rejeanne Vlietman - General Manager, Den Anker