Maia Seychelle Island Retreat
I have had the pleasure of having Robert assist me with various photographic projects whilst I was General Manager at the Southern Sun Newlands ,I even recommended him to some of our guests. I have always found his approach extremely professional and have no hesitation in recommending him.Kind regards 
Sebastian Berinato
General Manager
Maia Luxury Resort & Spa
Anse Louis | Mahe | Seychelles
Tel: +248 4 390305
Mobile: +2482640277
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To whom it may concern.
I have made use of the services offered by Robert Bellon for the past 4 years.
Southern Sun Newlands is part of Tsogo Sun and our Marketing division is extremely particular on the quality and standard of our photography.
At every interaction and there have been many ,Robert has delivered great quality work.
I am proud to be associated with Robert and I have no hesitation in recommending the service he provides to anyone of my colleagues within and without the hospitality industry.
Kind regards
General Manager
Tel: 021 683 6562 | Fax: 021 683 6794 | Cell: 0216836562 Southern Sun Newlands | Main Road | Newlands Cape Town | 7700
Den Anker Belgium Restaurant
Rejeanne Vlietman
GM Den Anker
I stumbled across Robert when participating in the Wool Ride as part of Wool Week at the V&A Waterfront.
One of the organizers, Dalena was kind enough to email me a few of the pics and I was so blown away by how fresh and engaging his images were.
I needed a shoot in a tight timeline and Robert was kind enough to assist and has come up with an amazing selection of images which we are going to be able to use as part of our image bank for Den Anker.
I would recommend Robert for any interior, exterior or event shooting as I believe he has a versatile style of photography that works for a range of applications.
Rejeanne Vlietman
GM Den Anker
Tauck logo
Tauck Botswana
Zach Groenewald [] tour director
For Tauck Botswana
Zach Groenewald [] For Tauck / Castle Cape Town

Zach Groenewald []
For Tauck / Castle Cape Town

 Hi Robert, Love this photograph. It really turned out beautiful. No shadows on faces at all. I actually like the background of this spot better than the other one we usually use. Thanks so much for the great photos for all my tours - Nancy

Hi Robert,
Love this photograph. It really turned out beautiful. No shadows on faces at all. I actually like the background of this spot better than the other one we usually use. Thanks so much for the great photos for all my tours – Nancy

Hi Robert
Hope your well!
I really enjoyed working with you on the group photo’s last season. Your willingness to get the best picture in the best place really stood out. Also working with the Cape Town weather can be tricky so location  and you made it all possible. The guests really liked all the photos, and especially your creativity and professionalism when it came to editing a guest into the group photo when they could not be there was great. Looking forward working with you this season and creating a special moment for our guest with long lasting memories!!!
Kind Regards
From Barbara Hartman Tauck Tour Director
Barbara Hartman []
Hello Robert,
Thank you for including me in this email, even though I only ran one tour and hence have very limited experience and comparison in regards to the group photo.
However, I love the location, with the hotel and Table Mountain in the background and I like that you add the Tauck logo into the picture. The chairs are also a very nice touch.
As far as quality is concerned, it is always difficult to get 20+ people to smile with their eyes open at the same time. All eyes in my group photo are in focus, which is excellent. I pretty much like everything about the picture. If I had to find a negative point, I would probably look at some of the shadows in some of the faces, but there is not much you can do to eliminate those (unless you bring a monster flash:)
I am impressed that you emailed me in advance (that never happens in Italy!) and how quickly you delivered the pictures to the hotel. In one word, everything is perfect.
I hope this helps,
From Nancy Sevrain tour director
Nancy Sevrain []
Robert is most accommodating!  Foul weather or fair, he is always there with a smile and suggestions for the best photo.
16 th March, 2015
From Deanne Inman Tauck tour director –
Robert Bellon provides a wonderful service for our Tauck programme in providing the Tauck group photo.  He is explicit and proactive in confirming our arrangements, and has never let us down.  He follows up to make other arrangements if there are weather disturbances to our normal procedure.  He is always prepared!  He has the right number of chairs arranged and is there to greet us, each and every time!  Additionally, he always follows up to ensure the photos that he delivered have arrived to the TD.
Beyond the functional aspect, Robert is kind and welcoming to our guests, and manages to get them in a pleasing order with minimal issues, and even provides some smiles along the way.
Perhaps most importantly, Robert cares about the photos he takes.  His interest in a well-framed photo is matched by his interest in making it a photo that captures our guests when they appear happy and engaged.  He is willing to insert a photo of Table Mountain if the TD would like it (although I prefer the natural weather of the day).  He is interested in how the photo is received, and is always on hand to adjust if the need arises.  He is also willing to send electronic versions should we need it.
The only criticism I have is that he refuses to photoshop me younger and thinner, although I do request this.
In sum, it is a pleasure to work with Robert, and he is a fine photographer that provides a great service to Tauck.
Deanne Inman
Tauck Directory
29 April,2017.