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Solly`s Crisps Taste Sensation

Solly`s Crisps True Taste Sensation

13 December, 2020

It`s a heart warming wonderful story when one hears staff generating their own income especially in Covid times.
Even more so now when Solly Concierge of Victoria & Alfred Hotel sells his home made crisps to his boss Andy Nold.
Andy has been instrumental in encouraging Solly with his flavour some crisps.
Also organized them into a vending machine.
Andy loves Solly`s delicious crisps especially Mexican Chilli.
Boss Andy is now Solly`s biggest customer and believe me how scrumptious his crisps are.
Great with an ice cold beer or just like that.
Flavours are Mexican Chilli, Pizza, Salt and Vinegar, Chicken, Cheese and Onion , Sour Cream, Fruit Chutney and Spring Onion.
Now coming up for your end gifting time at R5 a packet worth investing in a fun taste sensation.
Well done Solly and thank you Andy for your kind and supportive role.
Now is not the time to sit back now is the time for being creative finding new avenues and new ventures.
So get going and enjoy.
Have fun its party time.
Robert Bellon

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