Robert Bellon

Photographer of many facets. With my camera I am at home. I’m a natural photographer with the skill of putting my subjects at ease. Challenge producing quality work with efficient service delivery. Time permitting provide a full photo record/tapestry of the event or day.

Please enjoy my website and do share your thoughts with me.

Robert Bellon


Early riser at dawn. I train swim, cycle, workout with resistance bands. Which is portable and more intelligent than weights.

Love the ocean need to see this beauty every day as an affirmation of God,s presence and beauty.Inspired by this beautiful city Cape Town especially at sunrise never the same.Enjoy cycling up to Suikerbossie before work. Pearly Beach is totally stunning. Enchantment, magic, joy and peace.

Always stopping to photograph with my mobile phone.

Have fun get fit / stop the sugars / drink lots of water. I prefer to train outside in good weather than the gym. Good nutrition is also vital